Following a demand from a majority of its legislators, the BJP on Thursday decided to reverse its decision to provide cash instead of bicycles to students this year under the bicycle scheme.

The State Cabinet recently decided to provide Rs. 2,250 each for 5.92 lakh students this year instead of bicycles as its negotiations with the bicycle companies was getting prolonged. But the BJP legislators are said to have opposed such a decision at the legislature party meeting held on Thursday night.

Besides, a Special House Committee of the Legislative Council too had on Thursday recommended that bicycles should be provided instead of cash as there was a possibility of misuse if cash was provided to beneficiaries.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa told presspersons after the legislature party meeting that the Government would reconsider its decision to provide cash instead of bicycles to students.


According to sources, the party leaders informed the legislators that election to the Deputy Speaker's post would be held during the legislature session itself.