The Dalit Sangharsh Samiti (Sagar) on Tuesday alleged that both the Congress and the main Opposition party at the Centre, the Bharatiya Janata Party, were indulging in corruption and nepotism and depriving Dalits and other oppressed communities of their share in the development.

State convener of the samiti D.G. Sagar Narona and district convener Suresh Hadimani told presspersons here that the Congress had been caught in a quagmire of corruption at the Centre and the BJP in States such as Karnataka was embroiled in serious charges of corruption and nepotism.

Mr. Narona said that the dream of ushering in overall development of the deprived sections of society by B.R. Ambedkar had not been realised even more than six decades after Independence. Successive governments at the Centre and the State had not paid due attention to the uplift of Dalits and the oppressed sections of society and had failed to bring them on a par with other communities, he said.

“Organising birth anniversary of Ambedkar every year is not enough. The Government should check to know whether all the efforts to address the problems of Dalits had reached the targeted population,” he said.

Mr. Narona said that the samiti had decided to organise seminars in all district headquarters this month and expose the failures of both the Union and State governments. In Gulbarga, the seminar would be held on April 30. It would focus on “Caste/communalism, corruption and the future of Dalits”. The event would be inaugurated by N. Dharam Singh, MP.

  • ‘Attention has not been paid to the uplift of Dalits'
  • Seminars will be held in all district headquarters: DSS