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‘Express power line for Rajanahalli pumping station would have helped'

Congress calls increase in property tax ‘unnecessary'

DAVANGERE: Dinesh K. Shetty, Leader of the Opposition in Davangere City Corporation council, has squarely blamed the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for the present drinking water crisis.

He said the corporation had failed to get an express power line for Rajanahalli pumping station, which would have ensured that Davangere was not paralysed due to frequent power cuts.

Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, Mr. Shetty said the Congress had been asking for an express line for Rajanahalli pumping station, and had even completed some formalities to get the line when it was in power the previous term. He alleged that drinking water was being supplied only once in eight days in some parts and once in 12 days in some others.

Property tax

In spite of repeated pleas from Congress councillors and despite huge sums received by the corporation, the BJP went ahead with 15 per cent increase in property tax. He claimed that this was an unnecessary move.

It is an old custom that the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, along with councillors, go around the city in the morning between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., addressing the problems of people, he said. Congress councillors, he claimed, used to do this during its term, and later even held meetings with officers to assign tasks based on the problems. However, neither the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor or any other BJP councillor were visiting wards to hear public grievances, he alleged.

K.G. Shivakumar and Nagaraj were among the councillors present.