: Successive governments have failed to develop Bhalki, said Janardhan Biradar, Janata Dal (Secular) candidate from Bhalki Assembly constituency, said in Bidar on Tuesday.

“Three rivers flow through Bhalki, the land is fertile and farmers are hard working. If Bhalki lacks anything, it is political will, he told presspersons.

“If the leaders, who have been elected to the Legislative Assembly from the taluk all these years, really wanted to develop the taluk, they could have done it in a short span of time. But their priorities were different, and this is unfortunate,” he said.

“Personal ambition and greed for power have forced leaders to neglect the taluk. That is why many youths young people have migrated to cities in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh seeking a better future,” Mr. Janardhan said.

He said he was forced to leave his native village for similar reasons 25 years ago. Now, he is a successful realtor in Pune.

If voted to power, he promised to set up a sugar factory in Bhalki and other factories that could employ 1,000 youth, a residential school and an old-age home in the taluk.