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As many as 60 exhibitors will set up stalls

MYSORE: Besige Mela, the annual summer expo, was inaugurated at Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) grounds at Doddakere Maidan in Mysore on Wednesday.

But many are yet to open the stalls and start selling their ware. Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) executive officer Sirsikar told The Hindu that 60 exhibitors, including textile merchants, handicrafts dealers, cosmetic traders and restaurateurs, had taken stalls in the grounds.

In `A' block of Karnataka Exhibition Grounds, a total of 35 exhibitors will set up stalls to sell items such as bedsheets, table clothes, towels, garments, handicrafts, bangles and artificial jewellery. The rest of them will set up shops in `B' block and in the `Open Area.'

Eateries will serve chats, "churumuri" and other snacks such as idli, dosa, vada, tea and coffee. The mela will remain open for 45 days from April 18. The entry fee has been fixed at Rs. 5 for week days and Rs. 10 for Saturdays and Sundays. In view of the delayed opening of stalls, the Karnataka Exhibition Authority has decided to collect entry fee only from next Monday.

Mr. Sirsikar attributed late opening of the stalls to the death of Kannada superstar Rajkumar and the disturbances that rocked Bangalore during his funeral procession.

"We have many exhibitors from neighbouring States such as Tamil Nadu, who could not transport their goods to Mysore due to Rajkumar's death," he said.

"As many as 35 out of 45 stalls in `A' block and 8 out of 12 stalls in `B' block have been taken on rent. Nearly ten eateries are coming up in the Open Area", he said.

Minister in charge of Mysore district D.T. Jayakumar declared the mela open.