Staff Correspondent

Rs. 3.5 crore was released for taking up work on this stretch

  • Movement of overloaded heavy vehicles has increased
  • Work to be completed before Hampi Utsav on November 3

    BELLARY: The stretch of the National Highway 63 between Bellary and Hospet (around 60 km) is in poor condition. In the last three years, it has been a nightmarish experience for motorists to use this stretch. It takes over two hours to cover a distance of 60 km.

    The road is full of potholes and at several places, Kariganur, Bhuvanahalli, Gadiganur, Kurekuppa, Torangal and Kuditini, the road is completely damaged. Following the boom in the iron-ore market, the movement of vehicular traffic, including overloaded heavy vehicles has increased beyond the capacity of the road. Overloading vehicles with iron-ore to make a fast buck and to cope with the demand has compounded the problem. The awful condition of the road has added to the maintenance cost of vehicles, early wear and tear and low mileage. The authorities concerned have turned a blind eye towards the sufferings of the road users and have made no effort to improve the condition of the road.When the attention of G. Karunakar Reddy, MP, was drawn to the problems faced by people shuttling between Hospet and Bellary, he said he had taken up the matter with the Union Ministry for Surface Transport and they had agreed to convert the road into four-lane. Following pressure from Mr. Reddy, Rs. 3.5 crore was released for taking up patch works on the stretch. Official sources said the proposed patchwork would be made "pucca" and consolidation of land would be taken up in the damaged patches. The work has been entrusted to a contractor and would be completed before the Hampi Utsav on November 3.

    Work commences

    Work of converting the two-lane into a four-lane road in Bellary city, a two km stretch between Sudha cross and railway over bridge on Hospet road, has commenced. A sum of Rs. 1.8 crore has been sanctioned for the works. The existing road is being widened and a four-feet road divider would be laid at this stretch. B. Sriramulu, Minister for Tourism, inspected the works on Friday.