The “undue interest” shown by Anand Reddy, Superintendent, Central Jail, in ensuring the “welfare” of the former Minister G. Janardhan Reddy, who was produced in a Sandur court on Friday, has raised eyebrows.

Mr. Anand Reddy, though on leave, reportedly took keen interest in getting a cell in the prison readied for Mr. Janardhan Reddy on Thursday night, before the latter was produced in court.

There was reportedly a heated argument, with T.P. Sesha, who has been posted as in-charge superintendent, objecting to Mr. Anand Reddy interfering in administrative matters despite being on leave. Mr. Sesha is said to have objected to Mr. Anand Reddy bringing food, prepared by the family members of Mr. Janardhan Reddy, around 11 p.m. on Thursday.

However, official sources told The Hindu that the food was not allowed to be served. Even Mr. Janardhan Reddy reportedly informed the authorities that he was not keen on having dinner as he already had snacks on the way.

Mr. Sesha, while denying that there was a heated argument between him and Mr. Anand Reddy, merely said that as the in-charge superintendent he had ensured that rules were adhered to.

  • Jail superintendent Anand Reddy took interest despite being on leave

  • He and in-charge superintendent reportedly lock horns on the issue