Staff Correspondent

‘Win is an acknowledgment of the growing popularity of the BJP’

‘It is for the welfare programmes taken up by B.S. Yeddyurappa’

Belgaum: Feroz Sait, MLA from Belgaum North, has attributed the victory of BJP candidates in the by-election to the State Legislative Council from the Local Authorities Constituencies to “money power” and “corrupt electoral practises” by the political parties.

However, second-time MLA and youth BJP leader Abhay Kumar Patil (Belgaum South) hailed the success of the party and viewed it as an acknowledgment of the growing popularity of the BJP and its development/welfare programmes initiated under the leadership of Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa.

Reacting to the election of Shashikant A. Naik here on Monday, Mr. Sait said both the parties and contestants had become irrelevant in this by-election. Money changed hands in a big way and electors sold their votes accordingly, he said. “This is not good for our country, I do not understand what type of political culture we will be leaving behind for our younger generation upon whose shoulders rests the future of our nation,” he said with a feeling of disgust.

Today, he said, money had become important to political parties, contestants as well as electors who refuse to see reason and issues before exercising their right to franchise.

Asked how did the BJP managed to win despite an apparently inadequate base in this constituency, Mr. Patil said it was a fact that the Congress enjoyed about 70 per cent voter-support if the members in various local authorities such as panchayats and municipalities are counted. But, these members (electors) decided to support the BJP led by Mr. Yeddyurappa and his initiatives taken up for development in the district.