P.S. Haliyal, visiting professor, Karnatak University, Dharwad, told students to be cautious while choosing a career and make a choice that suited their interests.

Delivering a talk on ‘Getting ready for your career’ at the university’s Vivekananda Centre here on Friday, he advised students to plan their career with utmost care and consider all aspects. Career planning is a crucial stage in one’s life. Monetary benefits should not be the sole criterion, he said.

Stressing the need for revamping the education system, Mr. Haliyal said education should not be limited to imparting knowledge. Instead, it should be a blend of knowledge and skills that would make students productive.

Mr. Haliyal said it was sad that students struggled to find a job even after obtaining a postgraduate degree. . Hence, the existing model of education should be revamped with focus on learning skills, he said.

Also, awareness should be created about the enormous job opportunities available in different fields, he added.

A.S. Balasubramanya, coordinator of the centre, decried the attitude of students who were interested only in getting degree certificates without acquiring knowledge and soft skills.

  • Monetary benefits should not be the sole criterion: Haliyal

  • ‘Education should be a blend of knowledge and skills that will make students productive’