Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will initiate criminal action against 200 Arkavathi Layout applicants for furnishing misleading information in their application.

BDA officials, who are conducting a final scrutiny of the short listed applications before allotting sites in Arkavathi Layout, have found that several applicants have furnished misleading information.

According to a press release, several discrepancies have been detected after the misleading declarations were short-listed. Cases wherein both husband and wife have applied separately or one person showing different names of spouse, different family members of the same family having applied for the site have been identified, the release said.

While some applicants have given duplicate occupation certificate, some have applied under two names.

Some others have applied for more than one dimension with the same registration card.

Over 60 cases wherein husband and wife have different addresses have been found, the release said.

Unsigned applications

As many as 25 applications have been received without signatures from an address in Bagalkot.

These applicants have applied for 50 x 80 sites and are in the eligibility list, the release added.

BDA Commissioner M.K.Shankarlingegowda has appealed to the general public to alert the BDA before June 30 if they get any information on similar cases.