Jeevan Chinnappa

Rs. 730.81 crore disbursed in Kodagu

Lending for agriculture sector put at 106 per cent

Kodagu District Central Cooperative Bank is on top

Madikeri: Kodagu district has surpassed the annual credit plan outlay for 2006-07 by disbursing Rs. 730.81 crore against the target of Rs. 626.84 crore, amounting to a performance of 117 per cent, it was revealed at the district lead review committee meeting held here on Friday.

As expected, the performance under the agriculture sector stood at 106 per cent while it was 113 per cent overall in the priority sector. Target under the agriculture and allied sector was Rs. 465.25 crore and achievement was Rs. 494.83 crore (106 per cent). The target under the trade and other priority sectors was Rs. 76.58 crore and against this, Rs. 118.94 crore was disbursed, amounting to 155 per cent performance. Under the small scale industries and non-farm sector, the target for disbursement was Rs. 5.99 crore as against Rs. 6.87 crore given (115 per cent).

The priority sector was Rs. 547.83 crore and disbursement was Rs. 620.66 crore (113 per cent achievement). Of the Rs. 79 crore set in the non-priority sector, Rs. 110.14 crore was disbursed (139 per cent). The overall performance was higher in Madikeri block. As against the target of Rs. 219.63 crore, the disbursement was Rs. 296.01 crore (134 per cent). For Virajpet block, the target was Rs. 242.18 crore and the disbursement was Rs. 279.43 crore. In Somwarpet taluk, it was Rs. 165.01 crore and Rs. 155.35 crore.

Among the banks, the Kodagu District Cooperative Central (KDCC) Bank stood first by disbursing Rs. 211.55 crore against the target of Rs. 193.82 crore. It’s total share in the credit disbursement was 28.94 per cent.

Deputy Commissioner K.R. Niranjan lauded the outstanding performance of the banks and called upon the managers to make Kodagu a model district in the State. Chief Executive Officer of the zilla panchayat Shivananjaiah, presided over the meeting. Zilla panchayat deputy secretary Zulfiqarulla and Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry M.T. Manjunath were present.

Assistant General Manager of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) A.L. Kulkarni spoke. Narendra Pai, assistant general manager, Corporation Bank, Hassan, welcomed the gathering.