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Rs. 1,090 crore disbursed as against the target of Rs. 759.35 crore

Priority sector lending accounts for Rs. 590.65 crore Rs. 231.18 crore disbursed to agricultural sector Rs. 146.79 crore given as crop loan and Rs. 78.49 crore as agricultural term loan

HUBLI: Nationalised banks in the district disbursed Rs. 1,090.23 crore in the district under priority and non-priority sector advances in 2005-06 against the target of Rs. 759.35 crore under the district credit plan.

Announcing the achievements under the District Credit Plan for 2005-06 at the District Consultative Committee and District Level Review Committee Meeting held here on Tuesday, Dineshchandra Hegde, Regional Manager, Vijaya Bank, said banks in the district had achieved 144 per cent disbursement.

While under the priority sector the advances stood at Rs. 590.65 crore against the target of Rs. 573.78 crore, Rs. 231.18 crore was disbursed under agriculture as against the target of Rs. 185.97 cores.

In agriculture and small-scale industries section, achievements of 124 per cent and 103 per cent had been registered and in only in other priority sector, the achievement was less than the target (91 per cent). In the non-priority sector, 269 per cent achievement had been registered, he said. Both in terms of crop loans and agricultural loans, banks had surpassed the target.

While under crop loans, Rs. 146.79 crore had been disbursed as against the target of Rs. 140.13 crore, under agricultural term loan Rs. 78.49 crore had been disbursed as against the target of Rs. 31.76 crore.

The achievement of banks in the district with regard to credit linking of Stree Shakti groups had been low.

As against the target of 1,111, only 375 Stree Shakti groups had been given credit link.

The banks had been asked to set right this.

Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank had provided credit linking to 1,753 self-help groups including Sthree Shakti groups, he said.

C.K. Parthasarathy, Lead Bank Manager; S.H. Kulkarnti, Assistant General Manager, NABARD, Dharwad; Shekhar, Assistant General Manager, RBI, Bangalore; and M.G. Chandrashekhar, In-charge Chief Executive Officer of zilla panchayat, were present.