The banking sector is a basketful of opportunities for the young, with banks hiring at least 60,000 recruits this year and a further 65,000 next year, said M.V. Nair, Chairman of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. Addressing the gathering during the talk on “Facing challenges with a smile”, held at St. Aloysius College here, Mr. Nair emphasised on the opportunities available in the country which has a mean age of 27.

“Even with so many negatives, there are positives. The NSS (National Sample Survey) said there was an increase in job generation and agricultural activity last year,” he said.

‘Inculcate values’

He advised the students to inculcate ethical values, and if the opportunity arises, to start an enterprise that can lead to job generation.

Chairman of Karnataka Bank Ananthakrishna said it was necessary to develop a positive attitude, and one of the ways for this to develop was for the media to focus on positive stories while relegating crime and the others to the middle pages. He cautioned the students from believing that with “influence” a job was guaranteed.

“Unfortunately, many youngsters believe that instead of working hard, they can make a call to someone influential and get a job,” he said.