The police are treating as suspicious the complaint lodged by two cooperative bank employees that they were robbed of a bag containing Rs. 25 lakh being transported to another bank in Yeshwanthpur in the city on Wednesday.

According to a complaint lodged by Shamrao Vittal Co-operative Bank, two men on a motorcycle snatched the cash bag when Munchegowda, a peon, and Madhukar, a clerk, were carrying it from their bank situated near Yeshwanthpur bus stand to the Vijaya Bank branch opposite Yeshwanthpur Police station around noon.

The transfer of cash was a routine affair and happened every couple of days, with two bank employees hiring an autorickshaw.

When the police questioned Munchegowda, he initially said they had hired an auto to reach Vijaya Bank, one-and-a-half kilometre away, but added that they had travelled on interior roads. The police found this suspicious as the two banks are connected by a main road.

When the police questioned Vijaya Bank security guards, they said they saw the two walking to the bank instead of by auto. When the police further questioned the duo, Munchegowda changed his statement and said they had walked to the entire distance, raising further doubts on how the two could have walked the distance with the 10 kg bag. Bizarrely, the two were unsure of the spot of the robbery.

Munchegowda claimed that the bag strap was wrapped round his neck. “This raises the question why he doesn't bear any injury marks around his neck,” a police official said.

Police said Munchegowda had more than Rs. 6 lakh in loans, of which Rs 1 lakh had to be paid by Thursday. “There is a very high chance that the robbery story is made up and the duo must have pocketed the money. It is also possible that the ‘robbers' were in acting in connivance with the two,” a police official said.