The police at Jat in Sangli district have registered a criminal complaint against State Bank of India’s Jat branch manager Mohammad Basha, who has been accused of harassing a local farmer over loan repayment, following which the farmer committed suicide.

Anand Shinde’s death led to farmers of the area calling for a bandh on Wednesday, demanding that the bank manager be prosecuted.

Appasaheb Saminder, tahsildar, forwarded their statement demanding action to the police.

According to the police, Anand’s mother, Muktabai Shinde, in her complaint, said the manager blocked her family pension (her husband was in the military service) for recovery of loan and that triggered her son’s suicide.

According to Mr. Saminder, family pension can’t be blocked for loan recovery.

SBI’s regional manager Geeta Pillai, who reportedly visited the Jat branch for an inquiry, was not available for comment.