G.K. Venkatesh, Director of Institute of Nephro-Urology on Victoria Hospital campus, said all the 64 transplants done there were from related donors.

“We were recognised as a transplant centre two years ago and all 64 transplants performed so far are through directly related donors: parents, brother-sister, husband-wife and children.”

Sudarshan Ballal, medical director of Manipal Hospitals, said: “In principle, we promote only related transplants. Our hospital-based authorisation committee that does the scrutiny consists of distinguished persons. It is headed by a former Chief Justice of Tamil Nadu. If the applicants have submitted fake documents, it is outside our purview.”

Nandakumar Jairam, group medical director and chairperson of Columbia Asia Hospitals, said: “It is unfortunate that unscrupulous elements have taken advantage of a very sincere effort of the government and hospitals to alleviate the suffering of patients with chronic renal disease. I can definitely say that the committees have acted to the best of their abilities to identify fair from foul.”