Bailancho Saad, a women’s collective, observed International Day to End Violence against Women at Institute Piedade hall in the city on Sunday.

The meeting took stock of the increasing incidents of violence against women and the factors responsible for it. The organisation decided to launch a mass campaign against various policies of the government such as alcohol and gambling which promotes violence against women and children and the failure of State mechanisms to prevent violence and administer justice.

It was resolved to address each of these factors in the course of the fortnight beginning from International Day to End Violence Against Women on November 25 to December 10, which is Human Rights Day.

The protest meeting was held inside the hall as the government had imposed section 144 which prohibited morchas and dharnas.

Following up its earlier protests against State government's action of allowing liquor to be sold on government premises during the International Film Festival of India(IFFI), Bailancho Saad issued a notice to the Commissioner of Excise to withdraw the permissions given to various parties to sell alcohol on government premises during the on-going IFFI and display alcohol advertisements in total violation of the Excise law and the Directive Principles of the Constitution.

It was brought to the notice of the present Commissioner of Excise that a writ petition was filed by Goa Foundation in the High Court objecting to alcohol advertisement by various companies throughout the State.

The High Court had passed an order directing the government to take necessary action.

The Commissioner of Excise at the helm of affairs then had given an undertaking in the High Court that it would abide by the provisions of the Excise Act and would take appropriate action.

It was brought to the present Commissioner’s notice that the High Court had not permitted the amendment to Section 10 of the Exercise Act, which had sought exemption for advertisement of alcohol for special occasion and festivals.