The Health Department and the Hassan City Municipal Council is conducting a drive to create awareness on communicable diseases, including dengue.

People are being informed about steps being taken to check the spread of communicable diseases.

Nagabhushan, City Municipal Council commissioner, told The Hindu that the council held a meeting of health inspectors, environment engineer and officials of the Health Department on preventive steps to avoid any outbreak of dengue in the city.

“We launched a drive to clean drains and avoid water stagnation in public places so as to prevent mosquito breeding. Our staff have instructed tender coconut sellers to clear coconut shells every day,” he said.

People had been told to consult a doctor if they have fever, he said.

Drains to be cleared

When it was brought to Mr. Nagabhushan’s notice that weeds had grown in many storm-water drains, resulting in water stagnation, he said the council would clean such drains.

The Health Department have received reports of two suspected cases of dengue in the district in the last couple of days. While one case was reported from Aladahalli in Arsikere taluk, another was from Sevaninakoppe in Arkalgud taluk.

“Blood test results on May 25 confirmed that the Aladahalli patient has dengue. Our staff visited the village and neighbouring villages and took steps to check the spread of the disease,” said Rajagopal, District Surveillance Officer. The officer said similar steps were taken in Sevaninakoppe and neighbouring villages as well.