An alert autorickshaw driver foiled the plans of five girls, who had escaped from the Crisis Intervention Centre on Hosur Road here on Thursday. The girls were taken back to the centre in the afternoon.

Three girls, accompanied by a guard, came out of the girls’ home in the morning to clean the compound. “When the guard went in, the three girls joined by two others escaped. The five girls are aged between 16 and 17,” sources in the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) said.

They said the girls hailed an autorickshaw, but the driver, sensing something amiss, took them straight to the Shivajinagar Police Station. “The police sent the message about the girls’ escape through the police control room (100).”

The girls, who have “some behavioural problems”, have been rehabilitated several times. “Three of them had taken a one-month beautician training course,” the source said, adding the centre was in need of more staff. The in-charge superintendent is responsible for the girls’ home and the Shishu Mandir.