Copy of the resolution to be sent to Government

Autorickshaw drivers on Tuesday resolved to put pressure on the State Government for providing them below the poverty line (BPL) ration cards, ESI facility, scholarships for their children, pension and proper autorickshaw stands in different places in the city.

Autorickshaw drivers decided at their district-level convention here to launch a series of actions, including agitations, to ensure that the Government conceded their demands. As a first step, they decided to send a copy of the resolution to the Government seeking early fulfilment of their demands.

K. Mahantesh, secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, who inaugurated the meeting, said that over 20,000 families in the district and four lakh in the State were earning an average income between Rs. 60 a day and Rs. 90. They were subjected to harassment every day by officials of different departments. The drivers had to give away most of their earnings to officials of some departments, despite possessing relevant documents.

It was time the Government realised their conditions and provided them BPL ration cards.

K.L. Bhat, leader of the local unit of the CITU, urged the Government to provide free education to the children of autorickshaw drivers as they could not afford to pay the fees being charged in several schools. Mr. Bhat urged the district administration to establish proper auto stands at different points in the city.