The motorised inflatable rubber boat was punctured on Saturday

The district administration suspended the rescue and relief operations launched to bring residents of Neelakantarayanagaddi island, downstream of the Narayanpur dam, to Benchigaddi village after the motorised inflatable rubber boat was punctured on Sunday. As a result, four residents of the island who had come to Benchigaddi to buy essential commodities on Saturday have been stranded.

The district administration has requisitioned the service of a technician from Raichur to repair the boat, and he is expected to reach Yadgir by Sunday night and in all probability the boat service will resume on Monday.

The four stranded residents of the island who had purchased foodgrains and medicines in Benchigaddi village in Surpur taluk stayed overnight at their relatives houses. The alleged that the tahsildar of Surpur Mohammad Ghouse was being evasive and arrogant when they asked him as to when they would be sent back home.

“Our concern is that we should reach our homes in the island before the jowar flour that we have purchased, besides many other items, becomes stale and useless for cooking because of the inclement weather conditions”, said Kanakappa, a stranded resident of the island over phone from Benchigaddi village.

Official sources said that the movement of traffic on the Kollur bridge on the Yadgir-Raichur State highway via Deodurg has been restored after the flood situation improved with water in the Krishna receding.

Shahpur tahsildar K.L. Bhajantri said the loss to the standing crop due to the floods in Kollur village is being estimated.

Authorities of Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Ltd. released water at the rate of 2.3 lakh cusecs from Narayanpur dam across the Krishna river in Surpur taluk by opening 24 crest gates on Sunday. The inflow into the dam continued to be high at the rate of 2.5 lakh cusecs. Besides this, the authorities released water at the rate of 2,700 cusecs to the Narayanpur Left Bank Canal, at the rate of 500 cusecs to Narayanpur Right Bank Canal and at the rate of 42 cusecs to the Jindal Steels Ltd in Bellary district.

The water-level in Narayanpur dam stood at 491.60 meters as against the FRL of 492.25 meters. The dam has a storage of 30 tmcft of water as against the full capacity of 33.313 tmcft.

  • A technician from Raichur has been called to repair the boat

  • Four residents of the island have now been stranded at Benchigaddi