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Concern over speed at which buildings are being demolished

  • Minimum of Rs. 250 crore is required for the hospital building
  • District administration urged to construct hospitals in different parts of the city
  • HASSAN: Socialist leader and editor of local Kannada daily Janata Madhyama R.P. Venkatesh Murthy in an open letter to Minister in-charge for Hassan district H.D. Revanna, copy of which has been released to the press, expressed his concern at the speed in which demolition of school buildings is taking place opposite the Gandhada Koti in Hassan.

    Officials are not even allowing school/college authorities to shift furniture, benches from classrooms and office records.

    Mr. Murthy recalled that the Minister called for a meeting to discuss the development of Hassan district on Thursday April 26. The meeting ended at 8.30 p.m. and the Gandhada Koti Usili Horata Samiti gave a four-acre land in Gandhada Koti for students to construct college/school. A pooja was performed for the demolition of school buildings and also for the foundation of the Government medical college hospital building at 6 a.m. on Friday. Bulldozers started the demolition process without giving time for removal of furniture, benches and records.

    Mr. Murthy said the administrators should focus equally on development and environment protection. One cannot imagine the adverse impact on environment when a 10-storey hospital building is completed in a congested location in the heart of Hassan city. It is impossible to construct such a huge building with just Rs. 42 crore. A sum of Rs. 180 crore was spent on the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum 10 years ago. A minimum of Rs. 250 crore would be required for the hospital building.

    He recalled that the Minister announced in the meeting that the highschool ground would not be utilised for the hospital building and that the ground would be protected and a stadium would be built if necessary.

    But contrary to this, a 300 ft by 300 ft drain has already been dug in the ground. The playground would also be utilised for medical college buildings.

    Mr. Murthy urged district administration to construct hospitals with various specialties in different parts of the city ensuring uniform development.

    Public opinion should be sought before taking up a new project. Development should not be at the cost of environment, he added.