Aurad MLA


Aurad MLA Prabhu Chauhan was detained for a few hours at the Hyderabad international airport on Monday night after a revolver was found in his suitcase. The authorities confiscated the weapon as its licence had expired. Sources in the police said that Mr. Chauhan went from Aurad to the Hyderabad airport to board a flight to New Delhi. Customs officials, who scanned his luggage, detected the revolver. They detained him and asked for an explanation. He told them that he had obtained an all-Karnataka permit for the revolver but had failed to renew it. He also said that his assistants had packed his bags with the revolver by mistake. He said that he needed to be with BJP MLAs to express support to Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa by Tuesday morning. He was permitted to travel after a senior officer in Bangalore spoke to his counterparts in Hyderabad, the sources said. — Staff Correspondent