: More activists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) condemned the attack by mining affected people on activists of the Goa Right to Information (RTI) Forum at Margao on Sunday and demanded immediate action from the government and the police.

The Goa Bachav Abhiyan (GBA), a body spearheading the cause of appropriate land use, on Tuesday condemned the acts of infringement on the rights of citizens to organise discussions and demanded that all those involved in disrupting the meeting be booked.

“GBA condemns the acts of violence and lawlessness and reiterates that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar must be transparent and stop playing people against one another to divert attention from his responsibilities as a caretaker of the State, who has to protect the constitutional rights of citizens,” the GBA stated.


Utt Goenkara, another social group on Tuesday condemned the action of some mining affected people against the RTI activists and environmentalists on Saturday in Margao.

“Such action is going to create a divide in Goan society between environmentalists and the pro-mining lobby,” the Utt Goenkara warned.

“We are of the opinion that mining is a great danger to Goa’s environment and ecology and for the last 50 years mining companies have done enough damage to Goa’s agriculture and environment and though mining has provided livelihood and a slight economic boost to Goa, it has done greater damage. The Mandovi, Zuari and other rivers like the Kushavati are highly polluted due to waste disposed by mining companies,” said the organisation’s press release issued by advocate Jatin Naik.

  • Chief Minister must stop playing people against one another: NGO

  • ‘Such action is going to create a divide between environmentalists and the pro-mining lobby’