Staff Correspondent

He is a suspected SIMI activist

Mohammed Asif is a student of KIMS

in Hubli

He is in jail for alleged terror activities

HUBLI: Mohammed Asif, suspected SIMI activist, who has been lodged in Hindalga Jail in connection with alleged terror activities, appeared for clinical studies at the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Hubli under police security on Wednesday.

Director of KIMS M.G. Hiremath told The Hindu that Mohammed Asif, a final year medical student at KIMS before his arrest, approached court seeking permission to continue his studies as he had to pass two subjects to complete his course.

Based on a court direction, KIMS had sought the opinion of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) which said that arrangements could be made provided adequate security was provided by the police.

Subsequently, the court directed Hindalga Jail Superintendent to escort Asif to KIMS daily for 30 days toenable him to complete his clinical studies in two subjects.

“As per court direction, the police have made arrangements for his security and we have made arrangements for conducting clinical studies in gynaecology and medicine,” Dr. Hiremath said.

As per court direction, for the next 29 days Asif would be brought to KIMS daily from Belgaum and would be taken back after the classes.