Jnanpith Award winner Girish Karnad has said that India will be no different from Myanmar if writer Arundhati Roy is prosecuted for her comments on Kashmir.

Speaking to presspersons here on Wednesday, Mr. Karnad said that Ms. Roy had the right to express her opinions on any issue, including Kashmir, and demands for her prosecution by certain sections were not correct.

He pointed out that the American actor Jane Fonda openly came out against the American policy on Vietnam and supported the people of Vietnam. But she was not prosecuted even though her opinion was treated as anti-American.

Mr. Karnad said that instead of criticising people such as Ms. Roy, we should encourage arguments and opinions.

Mr. Karnad said that Ms. Roy's comments were legally very valid. It was India that took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations and not Pakistan. For 30 years after joining the Indian Union, there was no violence in Kashmir.

He said that if today the secessionist movement was gathering momentum in Kashmir, we had to think about why it was happening and take corrective measures.