Special Correspondent

42.03 p.c. of seats in GP have been won by women

GULBARGA: Women have won more number of seats than those reserved for them in the 215 gram panchayats in Gulbarga district.

According to details of the gram panchayat election results available here on Tuesday, women have won 1,610 of 3,830 seats. Women have won 42.03 per cent of the seats as against the 33 per cent reserved for them.

Of the 235 seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes candidates, women have won 214 seats (91.06 per cent). Of the 1,043 seats reserved for Backward Classes ‘A' category, women have won 434 seats (41.61 per cent).

In case of seats reserved for Scheduled Castes candidates, women have won 395 (25.61 per cent) of the 981 seats.

Women have won only 45 (19.65 per cent) of the 229 seats reserved for Backward Classes ‘B' category.

Of the 1,342 seats reserved for general category, 520 seats (38.74 per cent) have been won by women.

Although there are 3,833 gram panchayat seats in Gulbarga district, elections were held for only 3,415 seats. As many as 415 candidates were elected unanimously and elections were not held for three seats as no nominations were filed.

According details available here, the results of elections for five seats were decided by a toss of the coin as candidates had secured equal number of votes.

Decided by coin toss

In ward no. 3 of Srinivas Saradagi Gram Panchayat in Gulbarga taluk, both Rajkumar Dhama and Mariappa Bhimsha had secured 336 votes. Mr. Dhama was declared elected by a toss of the coin.