Staff Correspondent

Madikeri: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Bane Hakku Rakshana Samiti, here on Monday, urged the State Government to unconditionally withdraw the circular issued by the Revenue Secretary on February 11, 2010, stating that ‘Bane' and ‘Jamma Bane' lands belonged to the State.

District secretary of the CPI (M) I.R. Durgaprasad said, in a statement, that the Government should declare that it would not interfere in the affairs of ‘Bane' and ‘Jamma Bane' lands in Kodagu. Those lands were private and belonged to landholders who were in possession of it, Mr. Durgaprasad said. He urged the elected representatives form the district to pressurise the Government to take immediate steps to withdraw the circular.


In a statement released on Monday, leaders of the samiti A.K. Subbaiah and J.A. Karumbaiah, among others, termed the circular “mischievous”, and said it amounted to “open defiance of the direction of the legislature and holding its august body in scant respect”.

Signatories to the statement, Cheranda Nanda Subbaiah and Mandettira Uthappa, along with Mr. Subbaiah and Mr. Karumbaiah, urged the Government to come out with a permanent solution to the ‘Bane' and ‘Jamma Bane' lands issue in the district.