Karwar: Karwar educational district which was in fifth position last year in the passing percentage of SSLC has come down to 12th position this year. The passing percentage in the district is 70.52 this year.

In all, 19,698 students — 5,695 boys and 5,203 girls — had attended the examination. Of them, 3,579 boys (65.13 per cent) and 4,009 girls (77.05 per cent) have passed.

Raghuram D. Hegde, student of Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Baggon in Kumta taluk, has scored the highest percentage of 98.05 in Karwar education district. Sanjana Prabhu of the same school and Nivedita Midlagajani of new English School in Bhatkal have finished second with 96.96 per cent. Pooja Santosh Naik of Balamandir School Karwar stood third with the score of 96.32 per cent.

The total passing percentage of different taluks in Karwar educational district is: Karwar (81.32), Honnavar (75.95), Bhatkal (73.38), Kumta (73.29 and Ankola (72.52).

Seven schools have achieved 100 per cent pass result.

Uttara Kannada district was in the fifth position during last year. Split of Uttara Kannada district into two educational districts of Karwar and Sirsi is the main reason for this, it is said. The newly carved Sirsi educational district has achieved the ninth position in the State.