Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The State Government on Thursday informed the Karnataka High Court that there was no love jihad movement in the State.

The State made this submission when the court was hearing a petition by Selvaraj seeking a direction to the Chamarajnagar police to trace his daughter, Shelja Raj, who he claimed was a victim of love jihad.

He said love jihad meant that Muslim youth were being used to lure Hindu and Christian girls. The girls got married to Muslims and then were indoctrinated into jihad.

The police had investigated the case and come to the conclusion that Shelja had married a Muslim youth of her own free will and that there was no force used to convert Shelja into a Muslim. Though the Shelja case was closed, the court had asked the police to investigate incidents of love jihad in Karnataka.

The State police had filed an interim report several months ago. When the matter came up on Thursday, the State filed a final report on love jihad. The report, filed by Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh, said teams were formed to look into such incidents in all the districts. The police said there was no organised attempt by any group or individual in Karnataka to entice girls and women into marriage. However, a large number of Hindu girls have converted to Islam of their own will.