Sir, — One of the main drinking water supply lines opposite City Hospital passes by the side of a sewage line. Representations to officials, including the Commissioner of the city corporation, to separate the lines have not yielded results.

Already several cases of hepatitis have been reported in Mangalore and the possible contamination of water at this point cannot be ruled out.

Why does our Government wait for people to fall

sick before taking steps

to address such preventable problems?

Sunil P. Shenoy,


Passengers’ safety

Sir, — I wish to highlight an issue endangering the safety of train passengers. The train no. 6525 (Kanyakumari-Bangalore) arrives at Krishnarajapuram Railway Station at 6 a.m.

The coaches S1, S2, and two general compartments of this train are at the rear. When the train stops, these

coaches do not come

in the platform area, and hundreds of passengers struggle to come out of the train. Many passengers

either leave a part of

their luggage in the hurry

or even miss the station.

The Railway authorities should address this problem soon.

P. Gopakumar,


Non-stop cricket

Sir, — Nowadays, cricket matches are held throughout the year. This is a distraction for students, especially during examination time.

The Union Government should ask national and international cricket

bodies not to conduct tournaments when students are preparing for examinations.

B.S. Raghavendra Rao,


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