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‘It is the main reason for various problems in the country’

Fighting terrorism with a stringent law is not

a solution: Kanavi

‘Social justice is yet to be achieved in

the country’

DHARWAD: Poet Channaveera Kanavi has said that forgetting their party affiliation, politicians should condemn terrorism as it is the main reason for various problems in the country.

He was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on “Indian Republic: Challenges” organised by the Akhila Karnataka Kendra Kriya Samiti at the District Education and Training Institute (DIET) here on Tuesday.

The poet said that communalism became a political issue when people from majority communities started suspecting those from minority communities.

He said there was a direct link between the problem of Kashmir and terrorism in the country. Fighting terrorism with a stringent law was not a solution.

People of Kashmir should be won over by responding to their aspirations, he added.

Speaking on “Uniform Education”, social activist S.R. Sudarshan from Mysore said that only when education up to SSLC was in mother-tongue, students would be able to understand various concepts.

Speaking on “Social Justice”, Sheikh Mastan said that social justice was yet to be achieved in the country. The Government should extend all facilities to minority communities keeping in mind their lifestyle and religious sentiments.

Presiding over the function, political scientist K. Raghavendra Rao said there was a need for taking issues such as social justice and uniform education seriously.

General Secretary of the samiti Mohan Nagammanavar welcomed the gathering. President of the samiti and MLA Chandrakanth Bellad, writers Giraddi Govindraj, Shivashankar Hiremath and Sadanand Kanavalli were present.