Sir, — Of late, cases of illegal transportation of liquor by Goa-Mangalore trains are increasing. Recently, 14 boxes containing 120 litres of Goa-made liquor were seized by the Excise Department personnel and two people were arrested. In another case, four bags containing 76 litres of liquor in 104 bottles were seized at Gundapur. However, names of some of the accused appear to be

the same in many cases. Although the authorities carry out regular checks on the baggage of travellers, it is beyond one’s imagination that the illegaltransportation of liquor goes on. This not only leaves a doubt among the people about the inspection system but also createsapprehension about the possibility of terrorists possessing weapons being able to travel from place to place without getting caught. The authorities should tighten the checking process.

J.F. D’Souza,


Traffic jams

Sir, — Traffic jams have become the order of the

day in Mangalore.

People here are wasting

their time on roads.

The problem

has been compounded by

the authorities taking up

the concreting of several roads simultaneously.

The only solution now is to complete the concreting work at the earliest. There is a need to increase the number of traffic policeman on select roads in order to clear the vehicles. The district administration should initiate steps to address this problem at the earliest.

Hareesh Kumar Kudathodka,


Brindavan gardens

Sir, — Brindavan gardens used to be the pride

of Mysore. Now they are

not maintained well.

Non-functioning fountains,

poor illumination,

perhaps owing to

power shortage, poor approach roads

and lack of markings at

the parking lot are some

of the problems in the gardens. In spite of considerable gate collection, theprime tourist attraction

is poorly maintained.

However, the Mysore zoo

is being maintained

well. I request the authorities concerned to improve the conditions in Brindavan gardens at the earliest.

Abinav Raghavan,


Slash oil prices

Sir, — With the truckers’ strike into the second week, the prices of essential commodities, particularly vegetables, are shooting up. The truckers have

demanded a reduction in the price of diesel by Rs 10, among other things. The Government should invite them for


and concede at least


of their demands. The

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister

Murli Deora has said that the Government would cut prices of petrol, diesel

and LPG within the next 10-15 days. Why not

now itself? This will meet

the main demand of the truckers. Hope, the Government will act immediately in public interest.

B.H. Shanmukhappa,


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