They will also be publicly announced in every ward

Karwar: The names of beneficiaries of the Ashraya scheme should be displayed on the notice board of the gram panchayats and the names should be publicly announced in every ward, said Suneel Hegde, MLA from Haliyal. He was the presiding over a meeting to review development projects such as the Ashraya scheme, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, and drinking water schemes, held at Haliyal Taluk Panchayat on Monday.

He expressed displeasure over the progress achieved under the Ashraya scheme and asked the officials concerned to display the names of the beneficiaries on the notice board and invite objections, if any, from the public within seven days of displaying such names.

He said he had not questioned the officials how the selection of beneficiaries of the Ashraya schemes was made all these days. But if the gram panchayat secretaries continued to make selection of beneficiaries in the same manner, then they would be in trouble, he warned.

If any discrepancy was found in the list of the beneficiaries and if the list was cancelled by the review committees, then the panchayat secretaries would be held responsible for the lapses, he said.

He instructed the officials to put a note on the application forms of the beneficiaries and mention clearly who had recommended the applicants. The note should clearly indicate whether the applications were submitted in the grama sabha, janaspandana or development review meeting, he said.