Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Nearly 9,500 trees have been cut for Namma Metro and thousands more are facing the axe, yet decision makers do not try to consult experts to arrive at alternatives, lamented former Judge of Karnataka High Court M.F. Saldanha.

Speaking at a seminar on practical climate solutions, he said: “Even the new international airport adds to the environmental problem by forcing vehicles to travel nearly 35 km. This just shows there is no planning.”

The seminar was organised by Bangalore Management Association, Bangalore University Rotary Bangalore Jayanagar and All India management association with Bangalore University. Ashok Maheshwari, president Rotary Jayanagar, talked about their initiatives.

“One of the major initiatives can be mandatory course curriculum on environment in primary courses and practical knowledge,” he said.

Alexis Ringwald, head of business development at Valence Energy, spoke about how alternative energy sources could be viable solution for real time problems.

The seminar aimed at bringing out new ideas and help people understand factors influencing the entire eco-system and discuss the different ways in which the common man can contribute to improve climate conditions.