Samvartha B.A.

50 separate complaints filed

Padmanathan sold goods at low prices

Hundreds of people paid him in advance

Mangalore: Proprietor Padmanathan of the Nathan Home Needs on the Beach Road of Ullal absconded on Saturday without delivering to people goods and gifts for which he had collected money.

According to some persons in Ullal, Padmanathan was in the town for the past one-and-a-half-months. He was delivering household items at a very low price.

Many people allege that they neither got the goods they had ordered nor the gifts.

They allege that Padmanathan delivered the goods and gifts as promised to some people and thus won the confidence of the general public. As a result a large number of people placed orders with him for items and paid him in advance.

But, on Saturday, the customers did not find Padmanathan at his shop. As many as 50 persons filed separate complaints against him at the Ullal Police Station.

Ullal Police Station sub inspector H. Shivaprakash told The Hindu that an FIR under the Section 406 and Section 420 of IPC was lodged against Padmanathan, with more than 50 witnesses to the complaint.

A lady claimed she had paid Rs. 10,000 to Padmanathan who had promised to deliver her a television, a mobile phone, a steel drum and few small utensils.

“All people who went to Padmanathan are poor. Who would not want to buy a television when someone promises to get it for half the market price?” she said.

Taranath, who had paid Rs. 1,000 to Padmanathan, blamed the Ullal Town Municipality for having given license to an “outsider” saying that Padmanathan was from Tamil Nadu.

Ullal Town Municipality vice-president Dinesh Rai said that Padmanathan had submitted his address proof before he was issued trade license till February 14.