Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa has told the Union Government that his Government is examining the possibility of setting up a greenfield nuclear power plant in the State.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, which is the second in the last four days, Mr. Yeddyurappa has said that the State will be seeking his (Prime Minister’s) assistance in the matter.

The State power sector circles are wondering why the Chief Minister did not mention anything about such plans in the budget presented by him recently if he were serious about it.

In his letter of March 24, the Chief Minister has also appealed to the Prime Minister to take steps to increase the capacity of each of the proposed third and fourth generating units at the Kaiga Nuclear Power Generating Station in Uttara Kannada to 700 MW from the existing estimated level of 220 MW to ensure greater availability of power to a power-starved Karnataka as well as the southern region.

He has pointed out that, at present, this nuclear power generating station has two units with a capacity of 220 MW each and that the Union Government was planning to expand this project by setting up an additional two units with a capacity of 220 MW each.