B.S. Satish Kumar

Shops on Brigade Road achieve about 20 p.c. reduction in power consumption

BANGALORE: Have you noticed any changes in the outdoor advertisement hoardings in the city in the last two or three months?

Well, a majority of these are silently contributing to energy conservation under an initiative taken up by Bescom to create awareness among consumers about the need to conserve energy through efficient practices.

Most of these hoardings have reduced their power consumption by about 30 per cent by switching over to energy-efficient lighting systems and switching off after 10 p.m.

Even a conservative estimate puts the savings of energy at 1.70 lakh units a month.

Outdoor Advertising Association (Bangalore) president S.M. Jawad said Bangalore had about 1,800 outdoor advertisement hoardings, of which some 1,200 were lit up at night. Bescom’s Demand Side Management Centre suggested that there was scope for these hoardings to cut down their consumption by 30 per cent.

The association responded positively. This had not only resulted in savings of energy for Bescom during the evening peak hours, but has helped the outdoor advertising hoardings’ sector, which was reeling under the impact of recession. Mr. Jawadi said nearly 50,000 persons depended directly and indirectly on this sector which had suffered a 50 per cent reduction in business because of recession. Hence the 30 per cent reduction in power bills was a welcome development. Moreover, the association was considering switching over to renewable energy.

It was not just the hoardings which had contributed to energy conservation.

The Brigades Shops and Establishments Association (BSEA), which has 172 shops under its umbrella, too responded positively by showing reduction in consumption by about 20 per cent, which amounts to over 50,000 units a month.

In fact, just these two associations themselves are contributing to total energy savings of about 2.20 lakh units a month.

BSEA Secretary Suhail Yousuf said the shops were setting their ACs at a lower level or switching them off when there were fewer customers, and switching over to energy-efficient lighting and devices.

He would issue a circular asking the shops to switch off all their hoardings after 10 p.m.

He agreed that saving power was a win-win situation for both Bescom as well as shops at this time of recession.