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Respondents remain absent despite three notices

Complainant has sought Rs. 10,000 as compensation for mental harassment The forum has asked the company to pay him Rs. 8, 000 as compensation

RAICHUR: The District Consumer Redressal Forum has directed the Chennai-based TVS Finance and Services Ltd. to clear Bassappa, an employee of the Primary Health Centre in Turvihal village of Sindhanur taluk, from financial liabilities and to issue a "no objection certificate" to discharge hypothecation of his motorcycle.

Registration Certificate

The forum has also demanded that the Registration Certificate book (R.C. book) be provided, intimating the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) of Raichur about the discharge of the hypothecation clause.

The company has also been asked to pay Mr. Bassappa Rs. 8,000 as compensation.

In May 2002, Mr. Bassappa purchased a motorcycle under a hire-purchase scheme from Saibaba Automobiles, a sub-dealer of TVS vehicles in Sindhanur.

He repaid the loan in 18 instalments and received ten receipts from the finance company and eight receipts from the sub-dealer. Mr. Bassappa approached the finance company for a "no objection" certificate and the R.C. book, directing the RTA to discharge the hypothecation clause on his vehicle. However, the finance company failed to respond.

After submitting an affidavit in this regard, Mr. Bassappa appealed to the forum to direct the finance company to issue the certificate and the R.C. book.

He also sought a compensation of Rs.10, 000 for mental harassment and Rs. 2, 500 towards cost of proceedings.

The finance company, the sub-dealer and the dealer, Raghavendra Auto Enterprises, failed to respond to the notice issued by the forum and chose to ignore a newspaper notification issued in November last year. Forum president and judge N.H. Savalgi said the complainant is entitled to compensation of Rs. 8,000, the "no objection" certificate and the R.C. book with a letter to the RTA indicating the discharge of the hypothecation clause.