Hectic political developments in State will not affect the holding of the event

M.P. Prakash unlikely to inaugurate the eventS.L. Bhyrappa to be honoured with `Pampa Prashasti'Hindustani concert, dance performance part of inauguration function

KARWAR: Despite hectic political development in the State, Kadambotsava, a two-day cultural festival organised by the Department of Kannada and Culture at Banavasi, a historical town 23 km from here, will begin on Friday.

However, it is unlikely that Deputy Chief Minister M.P. Prakash will be here to inaugurate the festival.

Kadambotsava is held at Banavasi as it is here that the Kadamba kings organised the spring festival every year.

Pampa, the first Kannada poet, remembers his sojourn to Banavasi and the grandeur of the spring festival.

The prestigious "Pampa Prashasti" is also presented during the festival.

This time, litterateur S.L. Bhyrappa has been selected for the honour.