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Chief Minister to be apprised of plan soon

Salient featuresStructure expected to last 100 years as it will be built using concreteFully automatic sluice control with minimum or no human intervention to be adoptedDam to hold more water as the gates will be placed much above the silt-formation level

MANGALORE: The Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) has received the design and plan of the second vented dam. SECON of Bangalore, which the corporation had hired to design the dam, has submitted the same to the corporation.

The design was approved by corporators, who met in the Mayor's chamber here on Wednesday. Rama Iyengar, chief design engineer of SECON, told The Hindu that the entire structure, which will be built in concrete, will last a 100 years as the design itself has been improved to have almost zero concrete and steel fatigue.

This is primarily owing to the fully automatic sluice control with minimum or no human intervention. The cogwheel gate technology, which is used in many reservoirs all over the country, has been further improved to suit the new design of the dam. The dam has also been designed to automatically control silt as the gates will be placed much above the silt-formation level. This will ensure that the dam will hold water to its optimum level, he added.

Mayor K. Ashraf said the design has been approved by the engineering division of the corporation and senior members of the council. Given the water availability, the design of SECON suits the needs of Mangalore and a delegation of corporators will soon apprise the Chief Minister of the design and get his assent, he added.

Mr. Ashraf said the vented dam will cost Rs. 40 crores as against Rs. 20 crores as estimated earlier. He said the difference is owing to the additional cost incurred on automatic gates, which will cost Rs. 11 crores.