Terrorist attacks cannot always be anticipated, but that should not force us to live in fear, say our readers

Strengthen law enforcement

FOR TERRORISTS any target is a "soft" one because they do their homework well. Law enforcement agencies cannot always anticipate a terrorist attack. As The Hindu reported, the State police intelligence wing is a shambles and the police do not have a counter-terrorism section. It is time the Government strengthened the hands of the police and prevent such attacks.

Susheela Oommen,


Refrain from targeting communities

A FEW months ago, the underground rail system in London was the scene of a shocking terrorist attack. The public were resilient and cooperated with the police there. However, it is tragic that an innocent man was "accidentally" shot dead because of his ethnic identity.

We should refrain from targeting the community of the IISc attackers. There are fanatics and misguided persons in all communities.

R. Krishnamohan,

N.R Colony

Not suffering from fear psychosis

THE BANGALORE Police is not as helpless as some news channels based in Delhi make them out to be. They take their own time and are careful while investigating, as their methods may be scrutinised later in a court of law. Unlike what some sections of the media portray, the people of Bangalore are not suffering from a fear psychosis and jumping at shadows. The terrorists are the ones who are scared because they know they will be apprehended some day.

Karen Anand,

Austin Town

Be more vigilant

WHAT HAPPENED at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) may have come as a surprise. However, the city police appear to have been alerted about the possibility of a terrorist attack by the Central intelligence agencies. Terrorists act with fanatical zeal and even get away in countries such as Israel where security is extremely tight. It is time we learnt to be more vigilant and not be unduly demoralised.

Latha Venkatesh,


Quick action

GIVEN THAT the terrorists took everyone by surprise, the Bangalore Police managed to act quickly and haven taken into custody some suspects. As citizens we should support the law enforcers and try not to be cowed down by such heinous acts. Otherwise, the terrorists will manage to gain the upper hand.

S. Pishe,


Carrying on with our lives

BANGALOREANS ARE a peace-loving lot with a "live and let live" attitude. If that makes us "soft targets" as some TV channels claim, so be it. By remaining unfazed and carrying on with our lives we are sending a clear message to terrorists everywhere, that we can overcome any threat. The police are striving to maintain law and order and they need our support.

D. Manjunath,

R.T Nagar

Tighten security

MAJOR INSTITUTIONS need more security and we need to screen passengers at railways stations and the airport. However, the numbers are large and in a country such as ours where the practice of carrying identification is yet to be enforced strictly, people can disappear without a trace. Despite all these handicaps, the police have managed to arrest some members of the terrorist network that seems to be spreading across the region.

P. Prasannakumar,


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