Of a spider's perseverance

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Jeevan Chinnappa

Nisargadhama: This spider clinging onto its web at one of the wooden cottages in Nisargadhama, a tourist place near Kushalnagar in Kodagu, appears to be different. It is not disturbed by the human presence nor is in a hurry to finish its work, that of weaving a web around it. The spider does not even flinch with the approaching human beings, staying put.

The portion running down the head resembles a crocodile. Would be it apt to name it "crocodile spider", only entomologists could say. Its shiny head, long and thin legs, could instantly draw indignation in some or might even scare some. It is a perfect case study for an entomologist.

The spider certainly conveys to man that it too has a stake in this world and so it is going about its job of spinning a web around it nonchalantly. Is it waiting to snare its food, which includes small insects... because it appears too big for them. The colour of its head is whitish with two black specs on them, resembling eyes. The multi-hued portion running down its head presents a different sight. The spider's legs are lanky and well stretched out.

Climate does not affect its job. It hung like a suspended matter in the day and probably continued with its task in the night. How could such silken web carry the body weight of the spider is something nature has to answer. This spider's imago is unquestionable because it is obeying nature's command, lying inveterate. It does not seem to be apprehensive of the fact that someone stronger than it could supplant it one day. Come sun or rain, the spider is going about its role as usual, personnel at Nisargadhama say.




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