Special Correspondent

Bangalore: Karnataka Minister for Animal Husbandry V.S. Acharya on Wednesday spoke to his Kerala counterpart, K.R. Gowriamma, and requested her that the ban imposed by Kerala on the import of poultry and eggs from Karnataka be lifted.

She is stated to have agreed to lift the ban provided each consignment of poultry from Karnataka was certified by the jurisdictional officer of the Department of Animal Husbandry. Dr. Acharya said he had since directed the officials along the Karnataka-Kerala border, particularly in the districts of Mysore and Kodagu, to certify that the consignments were disease-free, before being permitted to cross the border by the Kerala officials. Several truckloads of poultry and eggs have been waiting along the Karnataka-Kerala border checkposts seeking entry over the past few days and that had resulted in a huge loss to poultry farmers.