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Protest rally will be held in Panaji on February 10

What the ad hoc committee saysThe all-India parishad does not have a democratic set-upIts office-bearers are appointed, not electedGoa Government should not release funds for the session

MANGALORE: The ad hoc committee of Vishwa Konkani Parishad at Porvorim Goa has given a call to boycott the 25th session of the All-India Konkani Parishad, which is scheduled to be held in Panaji on February 10. A protest rally will be held there on the day.

In a release here on Wednesday, Eric Ozario, convener of the committee in the State, said the parishad does not have a democratic set-up.

All its office-bearers are appointed and not elected. He called upon the Goa Government not to release funds for the session. The parishad, instead of uniting Konkanis, has divided them along communal and regional lines. Mr. Ozario said the parishad is a group of select leaders who do not represent Konkanis at the all-India level.

No attempt has been made to include active Konkani organisations and bodies in it. Hence the parishad does not represent majority Konkani aspirations, he said. In many areas where Konkanis form a major part of society, the parishad has not set up any Konkani organisation.

It has also failed to carry out the resolutions passed in the `Adhiveshans' held in the past, Mr. Ozario said.