Special Correspondent

Three-day international symposium, CALIBER-2006, begins

GULBARGA: Arthur Smith, director of Ohio-based Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC), on Thursday asked libraries in universities and research centres in India to become part of the OCLC to gain access to 60 million catalogues. The OCLC has 50,000 member-libraries in 109 countries.

Inaugurating a three-day international symposium, "CALIBER-2006", the theme of which is "Dynamic Interoperable Web Based Information Systems", at the Mahatma Gandhi Hall on the main campus of Gulbarga University here, Dr. Smith said the OCLC was a community of international libraries with inter-operable ideas. Its members in the U.S., Africa, China and South America are looking to India in the emerging area of inter-operable computing. He said libraries in the world are inter-dependent in exchanging research findings. They are also helping research scholars in their endeavour to excel.

Referring to the remarks of senior scientist and software expert Rahul De' about authentication of information provided by different portals on specific subjects sought by those on the Internet and the alleged manipulation of reputed websites by a few who placed misleading content, Dr. Smith said to overcome this problem and to provide authenticated and correct information, OCLC has installed a giant switching capability on Google and once a visitor seeks information, a message will flash seeking authentication from the libraries post. There is also another facility in the switching capability that will take the user to authentic and correct information.

Dr. Smith said the giant switching capability will also enable the user to get information in his preferred language, if the facility is available.

Dr. Rahul De', who delivered a special lecture, released a compendium of proceedings of the symposium. S. Rajanna, Registrar, addressed the gathering. Dr T A.V. Murthy, director of INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad, delivered the presidential address.

In the morning, a pre-conference "Tutorial on Building Digital Libraries Using Dspace" was conducted.