Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Cases of gastro-enteritis continued to pour in on Wednesday. More than 15 persons with gastro-enteritis were admitted to Epidemic Diseases Hospital on Wednesday and two persons tested positive for cholera.

Over the past two days, over 44 persons have been treated for gastro-enteritis, 23 of them were discharged on Wednesday.

M.G. Prasad, Director of Health and Family Welfare Services, said that cases came from different areas in the city such as Doraiswamy Nagar, Anjappar Nagar, City Market area, Ganjedra Nagar, HAL, and Prakashnagar.

Mr. Prasad said the department is keen to tackle the issue on priority.

He stressed that outbreak of gastro-enteritis, although higher than usual, was not an epidemic.

"The form of cholera that people are testing for is mild. We treat it just as we do any other gastro-enteritis case," he said.