Special Correspondent

Bangalore: Unless the insulin you take is the real thing, your diabetes may not be under control.

Novo Nordisk, the Danish leader in diabetes care, here on Thursday launched its `Campaign CAP' (Consumer Awareness and Protection). This initiative will shortly roll out across India through 33,000 doctors and thousands of pharmacists.

Speaking to presspersons, Mohan Badagandi, consultant endocrinologist at Manipal and Sagar Apollo hospitals, said the progressive disease without a sure cure yet can affect the heart, eyes and nerves if left uncontrolled for too long.

"During one clinical session at one of the hospitals I attend, there were 75 diabetics for outpatient treatment. Thousands of others also come to Bangalore for treatment from other towns," Dr. Badagandi said.

The campaign will ask patients to check the tamper-proof snap-off cap of the vial and not to buy it if the cap is loose or missing. Since the different types of insulin are now colour coded, they should check the colour on the package and the vial matches.

They should make sure the pharmacy has stored the insulin in a refrigerator between 3 degrees to 8 degrees C and that it is not frozen or has crystal formation.

While some types of insulin should be white others should be a clear liquid and not clouded. Soiled or distorted packaging may indicate it is not genuine.