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Women can be better administrators than men: Mumtaz Begum

BANGALORE: It is generally said that behind every successful man there is a woman. But it is the other way round in the case of Mayor Mumtaz Begum, who is the first Muslim woman Mayor of the city.

The 46-year-old Ms. Begum gives credit of her success in politics to her husband, Mirza Ashfaq Hussain, and her six brothers. "It is because of the support from my family that I have been able to reach this stage," she says. A third-time corporator from Shivajinagar, Ms. Begum feels she has earned this "promotion" after a hard struggle for 23 years.

"Male-dominated society"

Ms. Begum says: "We live in a male-dominated society, where women have to assert their rights. But I feel we are capable of doing everything. And, when it comes to administration, I can say that women can perform better than their male counterparts." If Ms. Begum will be remembered as the first Muslim Mayor, chairperson of the Standing Committee on Taxation and Finance Lalitha Srinivas Gowda will be the first woman to present the BMP's budget.

Ms. Gowda, who is busy preparing the budget to be presented this month, says she is formulating the civic body's budget with the same concern that she has while planning her home budget.

"When I plan my family's budget at home every month, I first think of how to cut on unnecessary expenditure. I am using the same formula here at the BMP. I want to check pilferage of revenue and mobilise more funds. My priority is to ensure that the budget will not be a burden on the common man," she says.

Now, how are they planning to spend International Women's Day on Wednesday? While the Mayor will participate in Women's Day programmes and a WHO meeting, Ms. Gowda will continue her pre-budget meetings and department-wise reviews.