Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: In a bid to implement the recommendations made by the three-member committee set up by the Karnataka High Court to supervise roadworks, the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has sought people's cooperation in maintaining good roads.

In a press statement, the BMP has appealed to people to provide a duct drain at the edge of their property at each entrance within their area to ensure that rainwater and excess water used for washing vehicles and cleaning the floor and gardening is led to the roadside drain in front of the property. "In no case water should be allowed to flow onto the roads," the statement said. "People should construct the entrance ramps inside their property line. The ramps should not intrude and extend beyond the property line," it said.


The BMP has also urged people to modify the alignment of water supply and sewage pipeline crossing the roadside drains and obstructing the flow of storm water. These pipes should be buried at least one ft. below the invert level of the roadside drain. The civic body has also asked people to remove all kinds of encroachments on the roadside shoulder or longitudinal drains. "Any growing plants, lawn covering the drain or any other construction should be removed. This will facilitate periodic inspection, maintenance and removal of silt and garbage," it said.